Commit 017f0539 authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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(Fprevious_overlay_change): Avoid memory leak.

parent 43e764c9
......@@ -3613,14 +3613,14 @@ If there are no more overlay boundaries before POS, return (point-min).")
len = 10;
overlay_vec = (Lisp_Object *) xmalloc (len * sizeof (Lisp_Object));
/* At beginning of buffer, we know the answer;
avoid bug subtracting 1 below. */
if (XINT (pos) == BEGV)
return pos;
len = 10;
overlay_vec = (Lisp_Object *) xmalloc (len * sizeof (Lisp_Object));
/* Put all the overlays we want in a vector in overlay_vec.
Store the length in len.
prevpos gets the position of the previous change. */
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