Commit 0199e765 authored by Juri Linkov's avatar Juri Linkov
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(dired-warn-writable): Rename to `dired-perm-write'.

(dired-perm-write): Renamed from `dired-warn-writable'.
Change parent face from `font-lock-warning-face' to
(dired-warn-writable-face): Rename to `dired-perm-write-face'.
(dired-perm-write-face): Renamed from `dired-warn-writable-face'.
(dired-font-lock-keywords): Replace `dired-warn-writable-face'
with `dired-perm-write-face'.
parent 5986c5c6
......@@ -344,13 +344,13 @@ Subexpression 2 must end right before the \\n or \\r.")
(defvar dired-warning-face 'dired-warning
"Face name used for a part of a buffer that needs user attention.")
(defface dired-warn-writable
(defface dired-perm-write
'((((type w32 pc)) :inherit default) ;; These default to rw-rw-rw.
(t (:inherit font-lock-warning-face)))
(t (:inherit font-lock-comment-delimiter-face)))
"Face used to highlight permissions of group- and world-writable files."
:group 'dired-faces
:version "22.2")
(defvar dired-warn-writable-face 'dired-warn-writable
(defvar dired-perm-write-face 'dired-perm-write
"Face name used for permissions of group- and world-writable files.")
(defface dired-directory
......@@ -414,10 +414,10 @@ Subexpression 2 must end right before the \\n or \\r.")
;; fields with keymaps to frob the permissions, somewhat a la XEmacs.
(list (concat dired-re-maybe-mark dired-re-inode-size
"[-d]....\\(w\\)....") ; group writable
'(1 dired-warn-writable-face))
'(1 dired-perm-write-face))
(list (concat dired-re-maybe-mark dired-re-inode-size
"[-d].......\\(w\\).") ; world writable
'(1 dired-warn-writable-face))
'(1 dired-perm-write-face))
;; Subdirectories.
(list dired-re-dir
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