Commit 01b1f0c0 authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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(FACE_ID_BITS, MAX_FACE_ID): New defines.

(struct glyph): New members, ascent and descent.  Used to save
this glyph's ascent and descent, instead of having.
(struct glyph): Declare member face_id using FACE_ID_BITS.
(find_hot_spot): Add prototype.
parent db4f9403
......@@ -321,6 +321,9 @@ struct glyph
/* Width in pixels. */
short pixel_width;
/* Ascent and descent in pixels. */
short ascent, descent;
/* Vertical offset. If < 0, the glyph is displayed raised, if > 0
the glyph is displayed lowered. */
short voffset;
......@@ -359,8 +362,10 @@ struct glyph
doesn't have a glyph in a font. */
unsigned glyph_not_available_p : 1;
#define FACE_ID_BITS 21
/* Face of the glyph. */
unsigned face_id : 21;
unsigned face_id : FACE_ID_BITS;
/* Type of font used to display the character glyph. May be used to
determine which set of functions to use to obtain font metrics
......@@ -1493,6 +1498,7 @@ enum face_id
#define MAX_FACE_ID ((1 << FACE_ID_BITS) - 1)
/* A cache of realized faces. Each frame has its own cache because
Emacs allows different frame-local face definitions. */
......@@ -2536,6 +2542,7 @@ extern void x_draw_vertical_border P_ ((struct window *w));
extern void frame_to_window_pixel_xy P_ ((struct window *, int *, int *));
extern void get_glyph_string_clip_rect P_ ((struct glyph_string *,
NativeRectangle *nr));
extern Lisp_Object find_hot_spot P_ ((Lisp_Object, int, int));
extern void note_mouse_highlight P_ ((struct frame *, int, int));
extern void x_clear_window_mouse_face P_ ((struct window *));
extern void cancel_mouse_face P_ ((struct frame *));
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