Commit 01db225d authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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Auto-commit of loaddefs files.

parent 435c1d67
......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
;;;;;; ceiling* floor* isqrt lcm gcd cl-progv-before cl-set-frame-visible-p
;;;;;; cl-map-overlays cl-map-intervals cl-map-keymap-recursively
;;;;;; notevery notany every some mapcon mapcan mapl maplist map
;;;;;; cl-mapcar-many equalp coerce) "cl-extra" "cl-extra.el" "26339d9571f9485bf34fa6d2ae38fc84")
;;;;;; cl-mapcar-many equalp coerce) "cl-extra" "cl-extra.el" "15a5e127e1c9c9c3d1f398963b66cde7")
;;; Generated autoloads from cl-extra.el
(autoload 'coerce "cl-extra" "\
......@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ strings case-insensitively.
\(fn X Y)" nil nil)
(autoload 'cl-mapcar-many "cl-extra" "\
Not documented
\(fn CL-FUNC CL-SEQS)" nil nil)
......@@ -84,27 +84,27 @@ Return true if PREDICATE is false of some element of SEQ or SEQs.
(defalias 'cl-map-keymap 'map-keymap)
(autoload 'cl-map-keymap-recursively "cl-extra" "\
Not documented
\(fn CL-FUNC-REC CL-MAP &optional CL-BASE)" nil nil)
(autoload 'cl-map-intervals "cl-extra" "\
Not documented
\(fn CL-FUNC &optional CL-WHAT CL-PROP CL-START CL-END)" nil nil)
(autoload 'cl-map-overlays "cl-extra" "\
Not documented
\(fn CL-FUNC &optional CL-BUFFER CL-START CL-END CL-ARG)" nil nil)
(autoload 'cl-set-frame-visible-p "cl-extra" "\
Not documented
\(fn FRAME VAL)" nil nil)
(autoload 'cl-progv-before "cl-extra" "\
Not documented
\(fn SYMS VALUES)" nil nil)
......@@ -180,7 +180,11 @@ Return t if OBJECT is a random-state object.
\(fn OBJECT)" nil nil)
(autoload 'cl-float-limits "cl-extra" "\
Not documented
Initialize the Common Lisp floating-point parameters.
This sets the values of: `most-positive-float', `most-negative-float',
`least-positive-float', `least-negative-float', `float-epsilon',
`float-negative-epsilon', `least-positive-normalized-float', and
\(fn)" nil nil)
......@@ -228,12 +232,12 @@ PROPLIST is a list of the sort returned by `symbol-plist'.
\(fn PROPLIST PROPNAME &optional DEFAULT)" nil nil)
(autoload 'cl-set-getf "cl-extra" "\
Not documented
\(fn PLIST TAG VAL)" nil nil)
(autoload 'cl-do-remf "cl-extra" "\
Not documented
\(fn PLIST TAG)" nil nil)
......@@ -267,7 +271,7 @@ This also does some trivial optimizations to make the form prettier.
\(fn FORM &optional ENV)" nil nil)
(autoload 'cl-prettyexpand "cl-extra" "\
Not documented
\(fn FORM &optional FULL)" nil nil)
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