Commit 01dc2da7 authored by Michał Krzywkowski's avatar Michał Krzywkowski Committed by Glenn Morris
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Small elide-head.el update

* lisp/elide-head.el (elide-head-headers-to-hide):
Also match https for GPL.  (Bug#34919)
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......@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@
(defcustom elide-head-headers-to-hide
'(("is free software[:;] you can redistribute it" . ; GNU boilerplate
"\\(Boston, MA 0211\\(1-1307\\|0-1301\\), USA\\|\
If not, see <http://www\\.gnu\\.org/licenses/>\\)\\.")
If not, see <https?://www\\.gnu\\.org/licenses/>\\)\\.")
("The Regents of the University of California\\. All rights reserved\\." .
("Permission is hereby granted, free of charge" . ; X11
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