Commit 01ea0e3b authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(ispell-init-ispell): Don't barf if there is a

warning message	before the version line when Ispell starts up.
parent 1b8fa736
......@@ -6,6 +6,8 @@
;;; Authors : Ken Stevens <>
;;; Note: version numbers and time stamp are not updated
;;; when this file is edited for release with GNU Emacs.
;;; Last Modified On: Mon Feb 6 17:39:38 EST 1995
;;; Update Revision : 2.36
;;; Syntax : emacs-lisp
......@@ -1545,9 +1547,14 @@ scrolling the current window. Leave the new window selected."
(accept-process-output ispell-process) ; Get version ID line
(cond ((null ispell-filter)
(error "%s did not output version line" ispell-program-name))
((and (null (cdr ispell-filter))
(stringp (car ispell-filter))
(string-match "^@(#) " (car ispell-filter)))
(stringp (car ispell-filter))
(if (string-match "warning: " (car ispell-filter))
(accept-process-output ispell-process 5) ; 1st was warn msg.
(stringp (car ispell-filter)))
(null (cdr ispell-filter)))
(string-match "^@(#) " (car ispell-filter)))
;; got the version line as expected (we already know it's the right
;; version, so don't bother checking again.)
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