Commit 01f5787b authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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* process.c (status_notify): Remove unused var `ro'.

parent a544e7c1
2010-04-12 Stefan Monnier <>
* process.c (status_notify): Remove unused var `ro'.
2010-04-12 Jan Djärv <>
* xfns.c (select_visual): Don't call error if XGetVisualInfo returns
......@@ -6982,13 +6982,11 @@ status_notify (deleting_process)
when a process becomes runnable. */
else if (!EQ (symbol, Qrun) && !NILP (buffer))
Lisp_Object ro, tem;
Lisp_Object tem;
struct buffer *old = current_buffer;
int opoint, opoint_byte;
int before, before_byte;
ro = XBUFFER (buffer)->read_only;
/* Avoid error if buffer is deleted
(probably that's why the process is dead, too) */
if (NILP (XBUFFER (buffer)->name))
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