Commit 01f97560 authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love
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Restore previous use of browse-url-maybe-new-window.

parent 52f32671
......@@ -494,6 +494,13 @@ negation if a prefix argument was given."
(not (eq (null browse-url-new-window-p)
(null current-prefix-arg)))))
;; interactive-p needs to be called at a function's top-level, hence
;; the macro.
(defmacro browse-url-maybe-new-window (arg)
`(if (interactive-p)
;; Browse current buffer
......@@ -599,6 +606,8 @@ narrowed."
Prompts for a URL, defaulting to the URL at or before point. Variable
`browse-url-browser-function' says which browser to use."
(interactive (browse-url-interactive-arg "URL: "))
(unless (interactive-p)
(setq args (list browse-url-new-window-p)))
(if (functionp browse-url-browser-function)
(apply browse-url-browser-function url args)
;; The `function' can be an alist; look down it for first match
......@@ -614,12 +623,15 @@ Prompts for a URL, defaulting to the URL at or before point. Variable
(defun browse-url-at-point ()
(defun browse-url-at-point (&optional arg)
"Ask a WWW browser to load the URL at or before point.
Doesn't let you edit the URL like `browse-url'. Variable
`browse-url-browser-function' says which browser to use."
(browse-url (browse-url-url-at-point)))
(interactive "P")
(browse-url (browse-url-url-at-point)
(if arg
(not browse-url-new-window-p)
(defun browse-url-event-buffer (event)
(window-buffer (posn-window (event-start event))))
......@@ -706,7 +718,9 @@ used instead of `browse-url-new-window-p'."
(if new-window '("-noraise"))
(list "-remote"
(concat "openURL(" url
(if new-window ",new-window")
(if (browse-url-maybe-new-window
(set-process-sentinel process
(list 'lambda '(process change)
......@@ -771,7 +785,7 @@ used instead of `browse-url-new-window-p'."
(find-file (format "/tmp/Mosaic.%d" pid))
(insert (if new-window
(insert (if (browse-url-maybe-new-window new-window)
url "\n")
......@@ -838,7 +852,7 @@ used instead of `browse-url-new-window-p'."
;; Todo: start browser if fails
(process-send-string "browse-url"
(concat "get url (" url ") output "
(if new-window
(if (browse-url-maybe-new-window new-window)
......@@ -871,7 +885,7 @@ When called non-interactively, optional second argument NEW-WINDOW is
used instead of `browse-url-new-window-p'."
(interactive (browse-url-interactive-arg "W3 URL: "))
(require 'w3) ; w3-fetch-other-window not autoloaded
(if new-window
(if (browse-url-maybe-new-window new-window)
(w3-fetch-other-window url)
(w3-fetch url)))
......@@ -884,7 +898,9 @@ The `browse-url-gnudoit-program' program is used with options given by
(interactive (browse-url-interactive-arg "W3 URL: "))
(apply 'start-process (concat "gnudoit:" url) nil
(append browse-url-gnudoit-args (list (concat "(w3-fetch \"" url "\")") "(raise-frame)"))))
(append browse-url-gnudoit-args
(list (concat "(w3-fetch \"" url "\")")
;; --- Lynx in an xterm ---
......@@ -897,7 +913,8 @@ in an Xterm window using the Xterm program named by `browse-url-xterm-program'
with possible additional arguments `browse-url-xterm-args'."
(interactive (browse-url-interactive-arg "Lynx URL: "))
(apply #'start-process `(,(concat "lynx" url) nil ,browse-url-xterm-program
,@browse-url-xterm-args "-e" "lynx" ,url)))
,@browse-url-xterm-args "-e" "lynx"
;; --- Lynx in an Emacs "term" window ---
......@@ -920,13 +937,13 @@ used instead of `browse-url-new-window-p'."
(buf (get-buffer "*lynx*"))
(proc (and buf (get-buffer-process buf)))
(n browse-url-lynx-input-attempts))
(if (and new-buffer buf)
(if (and (browse-url-maybe-new-window new-buffer) buf)
;; Rename away the OLD buffer. This isn't very polite, but
;; term insists on working in a buffer named *lynx* and would
;; choke on *lynx*<1>
(progn (set-buffer buf)
(if (or new-buffer
(if (or (browse-url-maybe-new-window new-buffer)
(not buf)
(not proc)
(not (memq (process-status proc) '(run stop))))
......@@ -934,7 +951,8 @@ used instead of `browse-url-new-window-p'."
(setq buf
(apply #'make-term
`("lynx" "lynx" nil ,@browse-url-lynx-emacs-args ,url)))
`("lynx" "lynx" nil ,@browse-url-lynx-emacs-args
(switch-to-buffer buf)
......@@ -1005,7 +1023,7 @@ used instead of `browse-url-new-window-p'."
(let ((to (if (string-match "^mailto:" url)
(substring url 7)
(if new-window
(if (browse-url-maybe-new-window new-window)
(compose-mail-other-window to nil nil nil
(list 'insert-buffer (current-buffer)))
(compose-mail to nil nil nil nil
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