Commit 020f6233 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris

* src/ (clean): Delete versioned pdmp files.

Else build number increments without limit even in clean builds.
parent 0f94d422
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......@@ -690,7 +690,8 @@ mostlyclean:
rm -f globals.h gl-stamp
rm -f ./*.res ./*.tmp
clean: mostlyclean
rm -f emacs-*.*.*[0-9]$(EXEEXT) emacs$(EXEEXT) $(DEPDIR)/*
rm -f emacs-*.*.*[0-9]$(EXEEXT) emacs-*.*.*[0-9].pdmp
rm -f emacs$(EXEEXT) $(DEPDIR)/*
## bootstrap-clean is used to clean up just before a bootstrap.
## It should remove all files generated during a compilation/bootstrap,
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