Commit 02513cdd authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love
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(Fdump_glyph_matrix): Declare the arg.

parent c2f94ebc
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......@@ -2538,7 +2538,7 @@ handle_single_display_prop (it, prop, object, position)
it->object = NILP (object) ? it->w->buffer : object;
it->method = next_element_from_image;
/* Say that we don't have consumed the characters with
/* Say that we haven't consumed the characters with
`display' property yet. The call to pop_it in
set_iterator_to_next will clean this up. */
*position = start_pos;
......@@ -10708,6 +10708,7 @@ DEFUN ("dump-glyph-matrix", Fdump_glyph_matrix,
Shows contents of glyph row structures. With non-nil optional\n\
parameter WITH-GLYPHS-P, dump glyphs as well.")
Lisp_Object with_glyphs_p;
struct window *w = XWINDOW (selected_window);
struct buffer *buffer = XBUFFER (w->buffer);
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