Commit 026e8330 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(Freplace_match): Don't capitalize unless all matched words are capitalized.

parent d7be4211
......@@ -1235,7 +1235,10 @@ Leaves point at end of replacement text.")
if (! some_lowercase && some_multiletter_word)
case_action = all_caps;
/* Capitalize each word, if the old text has all capitalized words. */
else if (!some_lowercase_initial && some_multiletter_word)
/* We used to insist on some_multiletter_word here,
but that screwed query replacing x with y, acting on X.
Even what we have now is more strict than what 19.22 had. */
else if (!some_lowercase_initial)
case_action = cap_initial;
case_action = nochange;
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