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Delete LCD Archive info.

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......@@ -15,31 +15,6 @@ Windows-32 version of Emacs, see the NTEmacs sites listed in the FAQ.
Please submit a bug report if you find that any of the addresses
listed here fail.
* The LCD archive
There is a large collection of Emacs Lisp code available for FTP at
<URL:> and various mirrors. At this time,
serious maintenance is resuming after a long hiatus.
To get started using this archive, do:
Once you're in FTP, do
cd pub/emacs-lisp
get lispdir.el.Z
get LCD-datafile.Z
and exit. Then do:
gunzip *.Z
The lispdir.el package will help you search for useful packages in the
LCD-datafile, which is a list of the archive constants. It will even
fetch them for you on command.
* The `Emacs Lisp List' at
<URL:> has pointers
to sources of a large number of packages.
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