Commit 0273ca3a authored by Martin Rudalics's avatar Martin Rudalics
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(Windows): Update entries.

(Basic Windows): Remove listing of attributes.  Reword.
(Splitting Windows, Deleting Windows, Window Point): Reword.
(Selecting Windows, Cyclic Window Ordering): Reword with special
emphasis on order of recently selected windows and buffer list.
(Buffers and Windows, Displaying Buffers, Choosing Window):
Reword with special emphasis on dedicated windows.
(Dedicated Windows): New node and section discussing dedicated
windows and associated functions.
(Window Start and End): Rename node and section title.  Reword.
(Textual Scrolling, Vertical Scrolling, Horizontal Scrolling):
Minor rewording.
(Size of Window): Reword, in particular text on window-width.
(Resizing Windows): Reword.  Add text on balancing windows.
(Window Configurations): Reword.  Mention window parameters.
(Window Parameters): New node and section on window parameters.
(Window Hooks): Reword.  Mention that
window-configuration-change-hook is run "buffer-locally".
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