Commit 028249eb authored by Reuben Thomas's avatar Reuben Thomas
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Generalise over-specific documentation

* lisp/textmodes/ispell.el (ispell-personal-dictionary): Rather than
document precise personal wordlist filenames for only two supported
spelling checkers, simply say that the default personal dictionary
depends on the chosen spelling checker.  The user can check the
spelling checker’s documentation if necessary.  This is simpler, and
works for other supported (and future, or unknown) spelling checkers.
parent 51d011d6
......@@ -349,9 +349,7 @@ window system by evaluating the following on startup to set this variable:
(defcustom ispell-personal-dictionary nil
"File name of your personal spelling dictionary, or nil.
If nil, the default personal dictionary, (\"~/.ispell_DICTNAME\" for ispell or
\"~/.aspell.LANG.pws\" for Aspell) is used, where DICTNAME is the name of your
default dictionary and LANG the two letter language code."
If nil, the default personal dictionary for your spelling checker is used."
:type '(choice file
(const :tag "default" nil))
:group 'ispell)
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