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......@@ -505,11 +505,17 @@ problems sometimes encountered, and what to do about them.
Installation on MSDOG (a.k.a. MSDOS)
To install on MSDOG, you need to have the GNU C compiler for MSDOG
(also known as djgpp), GNU Make, rm, mv, chmod, and sed. Type these
(also known as djgpp), GNU Make, rm, mv, chmod, and sed.
config msdos
make install
Some users report that running Emacs 19.29 requires qdpmi memory
management. We do not know why this is so, since 19.28 did not need
it. If we find out what change introduced this requirement, we will
try to eliminate it.
To build and install Emacs, type these commands:
config msdos
make install
To save disk space, Emacs is built with the idea that you will execute
it from the same place in the file system where you built it. As the
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