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**, 9 July: eshell and external commands
** maximize resizes to large size, but doesn't really maximize
Report by Marijn Schouten <> on bug-gnu-emacs from
Stephen Berman <> has compiled a list of KDE
builds where the behavior can be observed, compare:
** TAGS buffer generates spurious undo warnings
** latex mode, nexted subscripts are unreadable
**, Sep 19: redisplay goes horribly wrong when a
before-string contains multiple display properties
**, Sep 19: part of display property on before-string
property is not displayed
**, Sep 21:
tooltip frame uses (class mono) when processing defface specs
(Actually it uses no class at all.)
** Frame title no more updated after calling `set-frame-configuration'
Report by Sebastien Rocca Serra <> on emacs-devel
from 2007-08-30. martin rudalics has a potential patch.
** GNU NT-Emacs crashes with longlines-mode and outline-mode
Reported by Rainer Thiel <> on emacs-pretest-bug
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