Commit 02e08311 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(Fcall_process): Fix previous change.

parent bccd3dd1
......@@ -391,10 +391,10 @@ If you quit, the process is killed with SIGINT, or SIGKILL if you quit again.")
int size = encoding_buffer_size (&argument_coding,
XSTRING (args[i])->size);
int produced, dummy;
unsigned char *dummy = (unsigned char *) alloca (size);
unsigned char *dummy1 = (unsigned char *) alloca (size);
/* The Irix 4.0 compiler barfs if we eliminate dummy. */
new_argv[i - 3] = dummy;
new_argv[i - 3] = dummy1;
produced = encode_coding (&argument_coding,
XSTRING (args[i])->data, new_argv[i - 3],
XSTRING (args[i])->size, size, &dummy);
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