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(Resources): Mention .Xresources.

(Table of Resources): Uncomment privateColormap.  Fix
SelectionFont.  Add selectionTimeout.
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......@@ -25,10 +25,12 @@ describes the X resources that Emacs recognizes and how to use them.
@cindex resources
@cindex X resources, @file{~/.Xdefaults} file
@cindex X resources, @file{~/.Xresources} file
Programs running under the X Window System organize their user
options under a hierarchy of classes and resources. You can specify
default values for these options in your X resources file, usually
named @file{~/.Xdefaults}. If changes in @file{~/.Xdefaults} do not
named @file{~/.Xdefaults} or @file{~/.Xresources}.
If changes in @file{~/.Xdefaults} do not
take effect, it is because your X server stores its own list of
resources; to update them, use the shell command @command{xrdb}---for
instance, @samp{xrdb ~/.Xdefaults}.
......@@ -219,11 +221,9 @@ Font name for menu pane titles, in non-toolkit versions of Emacs.
@item @code{pointerColor} (class @code{Foreground})
Color of the mouse cursor.
@item @code{privateColormap} (class @code{PrivateColormap})
If @samp{on}, use a private color map, in the case where the ``default
visual'' of class PseudoColor and Emacs is using it.
@end ignore
@item @code{reverseVideo} (class @code{ReverseVideo})
Switch foreground and background default colors if @samp{on}, use colors as
......@@ -234,11 +234,16 @@ specified if @samp{off}.
Gamma correction for colors, equivalent to the frame parameter
@item @code{selectionFont} (class @code{Font})
@item @code{selectionFont} (class @code{SelectionFont})
Font name for pop-up menu items, in non-toolkit versions of Emacs. (For
toolkit versions, see @ref{Lucid Resources}, also see @ref{LessTif
@item @code{selectionTimeout} (class @code{SelectionTimeout})
Number of milliseconds to wait for a selection reply.
If the selection owner doesn't reply in this time, we give up.
A value of 0 means wait as long as necessary.
@item @code{synchronous} (class @code{Synchronous})
@cindex debugging X problems
@cindex synchronous X mode
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