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* Lisp Changes in Emacs 21.4
** The `read-file-name' function now takes an additional argument which
specifies a predicate which the file name read must satify. The
new variable `read-file-name-predicate' contains the predicate argument
while reading the file name from the minibuffer; the predicate in this
variable is used by read-file-name-internal to filter the completion list.
** The new variable `read-file-name-function' can be used by lisp code
to override the internal read-file-name function.
** The New lisp library fringe.el controls the apperance of fringes.
** The `defmacro' form may contain declarations specifying how to
2002-05-28 Kim F. Storm <>
* fileio.c: (Vread_file_name_function, Vread_file_name_predicate):
New variables.
(syms_of_fileio): DEFVAR_LISP them.
(read_file_name_cleanup): New unwind function.
(Fread_file_name_internal): Only return completions satifying
Vread_file_name_predicate. Temporarily unwind protect and rebind
default-directory while checking completions against the predicate.
(Fread_file_name): Added PREDICATE argument. Specbind it to
Vread_file_name_predicate during completion.
Call Vread_file_name_function to read the file name if non-nil.
* lisp.h (Fread_file_name): Now has 6 args.
* callint.c (Fcall_interactively) <"D">: Supply Qfile_directory_p
predicate for Fread_file_name when reading directory name.
Supply Qnil for predicate in other calls to Fread_file_name.
2002-05-26 Miles Bader <>
* term.c (tty_capable_p): New function.
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