Commit 03177f98 authored by Bozhidar Batsov's avatar Bozhidar Batsov
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* lisp/progmodes/ruby-mode.el: Improve a few error messages.

parent d57f4dde
......@@ -641,7 +641,7 @@ explicitly declared in magic comment."
"Indent the current line to COLUMN."
(when column
(let (shift top beg)
(and (< column 0) (error "invalid nest"))
(and (< column 0) (error "Invalid nesting"))
(setq shift (current-column))
(setq beg (point))
......@@ -732,7 +732,7 @@ Can be one of `heredoc', `modifier', `expr-qstr', `expr-re'."
(forward-char -1))
(cond ((zerop n))
(no-error nil)
((error "unterminated string")))))
((error "Unterminated string")))))
(defun ruby-deep-indent-paren-p (c)
"TODO: document."
......@@ -943,7 +943,7 @@ Can be one of `heredoc', `modifier', `expr-qstr', `expr-re'."
(setq in-string (match-end 0))
(goto-char ruby-indent-point)))
(error (format "bad string %s"
(error (format "Bad string %s"
(buffer-substring (point) pnt)
(list in-string nest depth pcol))
......@@ -1018,7 +1018,7 @@ Can be one of `heredoc', `modifier', `expr-qstr', `expr-re'."
(setq indent (current-column)))))
((and (nth 2 state) (> (nth 2 state) 0)) ; in nest
(if (null (cdr (nth 1 state)))
(error "invalid nest"))
(error "Invalid nesting"))
(goto-char (cdr (nth 1 state)))
(forward-word -1) ; skip back a keyword
(setq begin (point))
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