Commit 031da700 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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(process_times): Compute sum of utime and stime.

(system_process_attributes): Add Qtime to the alist.
parent ac1e4171
2009-01-02 Eli Zaretskii <>
* w32.c (process_times): Compute sum of utime and stime.
(system_process_attributes): Add Qtime to the alist.
* sysdep.c (system_process_attributes): Compute Qtime and Qctime
and add them to the alist.
* process.c (top level) <Qtime, Qctime>: New variables.
(syms_of_process): staticpro them.
(Fsystem_process_attributes): Add their documentation to the doc
* process.h: Declare Qtime and Qctime.
2009-01-02 Jason Rumney <>
* image.c: (Qgobject): New symbol.
......@@ -3771,14 +3771,14 @@ ltime (time_sec, time_usec)
static int
process_times (h_proc, ctime, etime, stime, utime, pcpu)
process_times (h_proc, ctime, etime, stime, utime, ttime, pcpu)
HANDLE h_proc;
Lisp_Object *ctime, *etime, *stime, *utime;
Lisp_Object *ctime, *etime, *stime, *utime, *ttime;
double *pcpu;
FILETIME ft_creation, ft_exit, ft_kernel, ft_user, ft_current;
long ctime_sec, ctime_usec, stime_sec, stime_usec, utime_sec, utime_usec;
long etime_sec, etime_usec;
long etime_sec, etime_usec, ttime_sec, ttime_usec;
long double tem1, tem2, tem;
if (!h_proc
......@@ -3797,6 +3797,9 @@ process_times (h_proc, ctime, etime, stime, utime, pcpu)
utime_usec = fmodl (tem2, 1000000.0L);
utime_sec = tem2 * 0.000001L;
*utime = ltime (utime_sec, utime_usec);
ttime_usec = fmodl (tem1 + tem2, 1000000.0L);
ttime_sec = (tem1 + tem2) * 0.000001L;
*ttime = ltime (ttime_sec, ttime_usec);
tem = convert_time_raw (ft_creation);
/* Process no 4 (System) returns zero creation time. */
if (tem)
......@@ -3850,7 +3853,7 @@ system_process_attributes (pid)
double totphys = 0.0;
Lisp_Object ctime, stime, utime, etime;
Lisp_Object ctime, stime, utime, etime, ttime;
double pcpu;
BOOL result = FALSE;
......@@ -4109,10 +4112,11 @@ system_process_attributes (pid)
attrs = Fcons (Fcons (Qpmem, make_float (100. * rss / totphys)), attrs);
if (process_times (h_proc, &ctime, &etime, &stime, &utime, &pcpu))
if (process_times (h_proc, &ctime, &etime, &stime, &utime, &ttime, &pcpu))
attrs = Fcons (Fcons (Qutime, utime), attrs);
attrs = Fcons (Fcons (Qstime, stime), attrs);
attrs = Fcons (Fcons (Qtime, ttime), attrs);
attrs = Fcons (Fcons (Qstart, ctime), attrs);
attrs = Fcons (Fcons (Qetime, etime), attrs);
attrs = Fcons (Fcons (Qpcpu, make_float (pcpu)), attrs);
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