Commit 0351f24c authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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Entry for previous change.

parent 53507b2c
......@@ -4,8 +4,8 @@
* custom.texi, dired.texi, display.texi, emacs.texi, emerge-xtra.texi:
* files.texi, fortran-xtra.texi, frames.texi, help.texi, killing.texi:
* maintaining.texi, mark.texi, mini.texi, misc.texi, msdog.texi:
* programs.texi, rmail.texi, screen.texi, search.texi, sending.texi:
* text.texi, trouble.texi, vc1-xtra.texi, xresources.texi:
* mule.texi, programs.texi, rmail.texi, screen.texi, search.texi:
* sending.texi, text.texi, trouble.texi, vc1-xtra.texi, xresources.texi:
Untabify Texinfo files.
2010-06-10 Glenn Morris <>
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