Commit 0360ec58 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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Use the new string-collate-lessp function in ls-lisp.el.

 lisp/ls-lisp.el (ls-lisp-use-string-collate)
 (ls-lisp-UCA-like-collation): New defcustoms.
 (ls-lisp-string-lessp): Use them to control sorting by file

 etc/NEWS: Mention that ls-lisp uses string-collate-lessp.

Fixes: debbugs:18051
parent 8d033ecb
2014-09-01 Eli Zaretskii <>
* NEWS: Mention that ls-lisp uses string-collate-lessp.
2014-09-01 Paul Eggert <>
--enable-silent-rules now suppresses more chatter.
......@@ -75,6 +75,10 @@ environment. For the time being this is implemented for modern POSIX
systems and for MS-Windows, for other systems they fall back to their
counterparts `string-lessp' and `string-equal'.
*** The ls-lisp package uses `string-collate-lessp' to sort file names.
If you want the old, locale-independent sorting, customize the new
option `ls-lisp-use-string-collate' to a nil value.
*** The MS-Windows specific variable `w32-collate-ignore-punctuation',
if set to a non-nil value, causes the above 2 functions to ignore
symbol and punctuation characters when collating strings. This
2014-09-01 Eli Zaretskii <>
* ls-lisp.el (ls-lisp-use-string-collate)
(ls-lisp-UCA-like-collation): New defcustoms.
(ls-lisp-string-lessp): Use them to control sorting by file
names. (Bug#18051)
2014-08-31 Christoph Scholtes <>
* ibuffer.el: Replace mode-specific quit function with
......@@ -113,6 +113,47 @@ update the dependent variables."
:type 'boolean
:group 'ls-lisp)
(defcustom ls-lisp-use-string-collate
(cond ((memq ls-lisp-emulation '(MacOS UNIX)) nil)
(t t)) ; GNU/Linux or MS-Windows emulate GNU ls
"Non-nil causes ls-lisp to sort files in locale-dependent collation order.
A value of nil means use ordinary string comparison (see `compare-strings')
for sorting files. A non-nil value uses `string-collate-lessp' instead,
which more closely emulates what GNU `ls' does.
On GNU/Linux systems, if the locale's codeset specifies UTF-8, as
in \"en_US.UTF-8\", the collation order follows the Unicode
Collation Algorithm (UCA), which places together file names that
differ only in punctuation characters. On MS-Windows, customize
the option `ls-lisp-UCA-like-collation' to a non-nil value to get
similar behavior."
:version "24.5"
:set-after '(ls-lisp-emulation)
:type 'boolean
:group 'ls-lisp)
(defcustom ls-lisp-UCA-like-collation t
"Non-nil means force ls-lisp use a collation order compatible with UCA.
UCA is the Unicode Collation Algorithm. GNU/Linux systems automatically
follow it in their string-collation routines if the locale specifies
UTF-8 as its codeset. On MS-Windows, customize this option to a non-nil
value to get similar behavior.
When this option is non-nil, and `ls-lisp-use-string-collate' is also
non-nil, the collation order produced on MS-Windows will ignore
punctuation and symbol characters, which will, for example, place
\`.foo' near `foo'. See the documentation of `string-collate-lessp'
and `w32-collate-ignore-punctuation' for more details.
This option is ignored on platforms other than MS-Windows; to
control the collation ordering of the file names on those other
systems, set your locale instead."
:version "24.5"
:type 'boolean
:group 'ls-lisp)
(defcustom ls-lisp-dirs-first (eq ls-lisp-emulation 'MS-Windows)
"Non-nil causes ls-lisp to sort directories first in any ordering.
\(Or last if it is reversed.) Follows Microsoft Windows Explorer."
......@@ -495,11 +536,20 @@ Responds to the window width as ls should but may not!"
(defsubst ls-lisp-string-lessp (s1 s2)
"Return t if string S1 is less than string S2 in lexicographic order.
"Return t if string S1 should sort before string S2.
Case is significant if `ls-lisp-ignore-case' is nil.
Unibyte strings are converted to multibyte for comparison."
Uses `string-collate-lessp' if `ls-lisp-use-string-collate' is non-nil,
\`compare-strings' otherwise.
On GNU/Linux systems, if the locale specifies UTF-8 as the codeset,
the sorting order will place together file names that differ only
by punctuation characters, like `.emacs' and `emacs'. To have a
similar behavior on MS-Widnows, customize `ls-lisp-UCA-like-collation'
to a non-nil value."
(let ((w32-collate-ignore-punctuation ls-lisp-UCA-like-collation))
(if ls-lisp-use-string-collate
(string-collate-lessp s1 s2 nil ls-lisp-ignore-case)
(let ((u (compare-strings s1 0 nil s2 0 nil ls-lisp-ignore-case)))
(and (numberp u) (< u 0))))
(and (numberp u) (< u 0))))))
(defun ls-lisp-handle-switches (file-alist switches)
"Return new FILE-ALIST sorted according to SWITCHES.
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