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Add information about debugging the tty version.

From Gerd Moellmann.
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......@@ -437,6 +437,28 @@ some extra checks, such as look for broken relations between byte and
character positions in buffers and strings; the resulting diagnostics
might pinpoint the cause of the problem.
** Debugging the TTY (non-windowed) version
The most convenient method of debugging the character-terminal display
is to do that on a window system such as X. Begin by starting an
xterm window, then type these commands inside that window:
$ tty
$ echo $TERM
Let's say these commands print "/dev/ttyp4" and "xterm", respectively.
Now start Emacs (the normal, windowed-display session, i.e. without
the `-nw' option), and invoke "M-x gdb RET emacs RET" from there. Now
type these commands at GDB's prompt:
(gdb) set args -nw -t /dev/ttyp4
(gdb) set environment TERM xterm
(gdb) run
The debugged Emacs should now start in no-window mode with its display
directed to the xterm window you opened above.
** Running Emacs built with malloc debugging packages
If Emacs exhibits bugs that seem to be related to use of memory
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