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(Mouse Buttons): Document the different units of double-click-fuzz

on TTYs.
parent 42a18001
......@@ -1897,7 +1897,9 @@ click. Its value is in units of milliseconds. If the value is
@vindex double-click-fuzz
The variable @code{double-click-fuzz} specifies how much the mouse
can move between clicks still allow them to be grouped as a multiple
click. Its value is in units of pixels; the default is 3.
click. Its value is in units of pixels on windowed displays and in
units of 1/8 of a character cell on text-mode terminals; the default is
The symbols for mouse events also indicate the status of the modifier
keys, with the usual prefixes @samp{C-}, @samp{M-}, @samp{H-},
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