Commit 0383eb57 authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer

(Fdelete_other_windows): Fix args to vmotion.

parent 87c67862
......@@ -1525,8 +1525,7 @@ value is reasonable when this function is called.")
Fset_buffer (w->buffer);
/* This computation used to temporarily move point, but that can
have unwanted side effects due to text properties. */
pos = *vmotion (startpos, -top, window_internal_width (w) - 1,
XINT (w->hscroll), window);
pos = *vmotion (startpos, -top, w);
Fset_marker (w->start, make_number (pos.bufpos), w->buffer);
w->start_at_line_beg = ((pos.bufpos == BEGV
|| FETCH_CHAR (pos.bufpos - 1) == '\n') ? Qt
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