Commit 038608c7 authored by Eric S. Raymond's avatar Eric S. Raymond
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Avoid passing default nil argument.

parent 1ef5eecc
......@@ -76,17 +76,18 @@
;; Special behavior of dispatcher directory buffers:
;; In dispatcher directory buffers, faciltiies to perform basic
;; In dispatcher directory buffers, facilities to perform basic
;; navigation and selection operations are provided by keymap and menu
;; entries that dispatcher sets up itself, so they'll be uniform
;; across all dispatcher- using client modes. Client modes are
;; across all dispatcher-using client modes. Client modes are
;; expected to append to these to provide mode-specific bindings.
;; The standard map associates a 'state' slot (that the client mode
;; may set) with each directory entry. The dispatcher knows nothing
;; about the semantics of individual states, but mark and unmark commands
;; treat all entries with the same state
;; treat all entries with the same state as the currently selected one as
;; a unit.
;; To do:
;; - vc-dir-kill-dir-status-process should not be specific to dir-status,
......@@ -1531,7 +1532,7 @@ that share the same state."
(setq crt (ewoc-next vc-ewoc crt)))
(setq crt (ewoc-next vc-ewoc crt)))))
(defun vc-dir-mark-buffer-changed (&optional fname)
(let* ((file (or fname (expand-file-name buffer-file-name)))
(found-vc-dir-buf nil))
......@@ -1548,10 +1549,10 @@ that share the same state."
((file-short (substring file (length ddir)))
(funcall (vc-client-object->file-to-state vc-client-mode)
(funcall (vc-client-object->file-to-extra vc-client-mode)
(list file-short state extra)))
(vc-dir-update (list entry) status-buf))))))
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