Commit 03adf1ee authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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(bootstrap-clean): If $(emacs) exists, build

loaddefs.el first.  A loaddefs.el that's not up-to-date might
cause a bootstrap failure because things don't autoload as
parent 9f7c6da9
......@@ -137,10 +137,14 @@ compile: backup-compiled-files compile-files
recompile: doit
$(emacs) -f batch-byte-recompile-directory .
# Remove files for a bootstrap. Compiled Lisp files must be removed
# because otherwise `bootstrap-emacs' would not be built from sources.
# Prepare a bootstrap in the lisp subdirectory. Build loaddefs.el,
# because it's not sure it's up-to-date, and if it's not, that might
# lead to errors during the bootstrap because something fails to
# autoload as expected. Remove compiled Lisp files so that
# bootstrap-emacs will be built from sources only.
if test -f $(emacs); then $(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) autoloads; fi
-rm -f *.elc */*.elc
# Generate/update files for the bootstrap process.
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