Commit 03b4122a authored by Brian Fox's avatar Brian Fox
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(Qextended_command_history): New variable prevents

sharing of M-x command history with other commands that read
values in the minibuffer.
parent b95520f5
......@@ -402,6 +402,7 @@ extern Lisp_Object Qmenu_enable;
Lisp_Object recursive_edit_unwind (), command_loop ();
Lisp_Object Fthis_command_keys ();
Lisp_Object Qextended_command_history;
/* Address (if not 0) of EMACS_TIME to zero out if a SIGIO interrupt
happens. */
......@@ -4548,11 +4549,11 @@ DEFUN ("execute-extended-command", Fexecute_extended_command, Sexecute_extended_
/* Prompt with buf, and then read a string, completing from and
restricting to the set of all defined commands. Don't provide
any initial input. The last Qnil says not to perform a
peculiar hack on the initial input. */
any initial input. Save the command read on the extended-comman
history list. */
function = Fcompleting_read (build_string (buf),
Vobarray, Qcommandp,
Qt, Qnil, Qnil);
Qt, Qnil, Qextended_command_history);
/* Set this_command_keys to the concatenation of saved_keys and
function, followed by a RET. */
......@@ -5214,6 +5215,10 @@ syms_of_keyboard ()
this_command_keys = Fmake_vector (make_number (40), Qnil);
staticpro (&this_command_keys);
Qextended_command_history = intern ("extended-command-history");
Fset (Qextended_command_history, Qnil);
staticpro (&Qextended_command_history);
= Fmake_vector (make_number (KBD_BUFFER_SIZE), Qnil);
staticpro (&kbd_buffer_frame_or_window);
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