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*** empty log message ***

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......@@ -661,6 +661,12 @@ This variable is always local to the current terminal and cannot be
buffer-local. @xref{Multiple Displays}.
@end defvar
@tindex real-last-command
@defvar real-last-command
This variable is set up by Emacs just like @code{last-command},
but never altered by Lisp programs.
@end defvar
@defvar this-command
@cindex current command
This variable records the name of the command now being executed by
......@@ -2350,6 +2356,11 @@ The value of this variable is the raw prefix argument for the
@emph{next} editing command. Commands such as @code{universal-argument}
that specify prefix arguments for the following command work by setting
this variable.
@end defvar
@tindex last-prefix-arg
@defvar last-prefix-arg
The raw prefix argument value used by the previous command.
@end defvar
The following commands exist to set up prefix arguments for the
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