Commit 03cc1aba authored by Jay Belanger's avatar Jay Belanger
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(calc-curve-nvars, calc-curve-varnames, calc-curve-model)

(calc-curve-coefnames): New variable.
(calc-curve-fit, calc-get-fit-variables): Replace variables nvars,
varnames, model and coefnames by declared variables.

(math-root-widen): New variable.
(math-search-root, math-find-root): Replace variable root-widen by
declared variable.

(var-DUMMY): Declare it.
(math-root-vars, math-min-vars): Move the declarations to earlier in
the file.

(math-brent-min): Make d a local variable.

(math-find-minimum): Replace non-existent variable.

(math-ninteg-romberg): Remove unnecessary variable.

(math-ninteg-temp): New variable.
(math-ninteg-romberg, math-ninteg-midpoint): Replace variable
integ-temp by declared variable.

(math-fit-first-var, math-fit-first-coef, math-fit-new-coefs): New variables.
(math-general-fit): Replace variables first-var, first-coef and
new-coefs by declared variables.
(calcFunc-fitvar): Replace variable first-var by declared variable.
(calcFunc-fitparam): Replace variable first-coef by declared variable.
(calcFunc-fitdummy): Replace variable new-coefs by declared variable.

(math-all-vars-vars, math-all-vars-found): New variables.
(math-all-vars-in, math-all-vars-rec): Replace variables vars and
found by declared variable math-all-vars-vars.
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