Commit 03ceda9e authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

Comment changes.

parent 8135a25a
......@@ -3342,10 +3342,15 @@ Outline mode sets this."
(or (memq prop buffer-invisibility-spec)
(assq prop buffer-invisibility-spec)))))
;; Perform vertical scrolling of tall images if necessary.
;; Don't vscroll in a keyboard macro.
;; This is like line-move-1 except that it also performs
;; vertical scrolling of tall images if appropriate.
;; That is not really a clean thing to do, since it mixes
;; scrolling with cursor motion. But so far we don't have
;; a cleaner solution to the problem of making C-n do something
;; useful given a tall image.
(defun line-move (arg &optional noerror to-end try-vscroll)
(if (and auto-window-vscroll try-vscroll
;; But don't vscroll in a keyboard macro.
(not defining-kbd-macro)
(not executing-kbd-macro))
(let ((forward (> arg 0))
......@@ -3368,6 +3373,8 @@ Outline mode sets this."
;; Update display before calling pos-visible-in-window-p,
;; because it depends on window-start being up-to-date.
(sit-for 0)
;; If the current line is partly hidden at the bottom,
;; scroll it partially up so as to unhide the bottom.
(if (and (setq part (nth 2 (pos-visible-in-window-p
(line-beginning-position) nil t)))
(> (cdr part) 0))
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