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1999-12-12 Martin Stjernholm <>
* Release of cc-mode 5.26
1999-12-12 Martin Stjernholm <>
* cc-cmds.el (c-forward-conditional): Handle an arbitrary
target depth. Optionally count #else lines as clause limits,
as suggested by don provan <>. #elif
handling fixed.
* cc-cmds.el (c-up-conditional-with-else, c-down-conditional)
(c-down-conditional-with-else): New commands that uses the
added functionality in `c-forward-conditional'.
1999-12-12 Martin Stjernholm <>
* cc-align.el (c-lineup-comment): Preserve the alignment with
a comment on the previous line instead of preserving the
1999-12-12 Martin Stjernholm <>
* Fixes to IDL mode after input from Eric Eide
* cc-engine.el (c-beginning-of-statement-1): Allow
`c-conditional-key' to be nil, for the benefit of IDL mode.
* cc-engine.el (c-guess-basic-syntax): Ditto.
cc-langs.el (C-IDL-class-key): Fixed. Don't match `class'
but do match CORBA 2.3 `valuetype'.
* cc-langs.el (c-IDL-access-key): New defconst. Should be nil
for IDL.
* cc-langs.el (c-IDL-conditional-key): New defconst. Should
be nil for IDL.
* cc-langs.el (c-IDL-comment-start-regexp): New defconst.
Like C++.
* cc-mode.el (idl-mode): Use new `c-IDL-*' defconsts. Also,
set `c-method-key' and `c-baseclass-key' to nil.
1999-12-12 Martin Stjernholm <>
* cc-menus.el (cc-imenu-c++-generic-expression): Match classes
with nonhanging open braces.
1999-12-12 Martin Stjernholm <>
* cc-align.el: Added docstrings to all lineup functions.
* cc-align.el (c-lineup-java-throws): Handle a hanging throws
* cc-align.el (c-lineup-C-comments): Handle free form text
comments. Use c-comment-prefix-regexp and comment-start-skip
instead of hardcoded regexps.
1999-12-12 Martin Stjernholm <>
* cc-cmds.el (c-beginning-of-defun, c-end-of-defun): Fixed eob
behavior and return value as documented.
1999-12-12 Martin Stjernholm <>
* Changes for new style variable init system:
* cc-langs.el (c-common-init): Dito.
* cc-styles.el: c-offsets-alist moved to cc-vars.el since it's
now customizable.
* cc-vars.el: Style variables may now take a value
'set-from-style to make them take their value from the style
system. This value is now the default on all these variables.
* cc-vars.el (c-valid-offset): New function to verify a
syntactic symbol offset setting.
* cc-vars.el (c-offsets-alist): Variable moved from
cc-styles.el since it's now customizable in a similar way to
the other style variables.
* cc-vars.el (c-old-style-variable-behavior): New variable to
revert to the old style init behavior.
* cc-vars.el (c-file-style, c-file-offsets): Made always
buffer local.
* cc-menus.el (cc-imenu-c++-generic-expression): Don't match
the throws clause that might follow the function prototype in
1999-12-12 Martin Stjernholm <>
* cc-defs.el (c-beginning-of-macro): Fixed bug where point
could move forward for macros that doesn't start in column 0.
1999-12-12 Martin Stjernholm <>
* cc-align.el (c-indent-multi-line-block,
c-lineup-whitesmith-in-block): Two new lineup functions for
use in whitesmith style.
* cc-styles.el (c-style-alist): More fixes to whitesmith
style. It should now handle all different braces uniformly in
both hanging and non-hanging cases.
1999-12-12 Martin Stjernholm <>
* cc-cmds.el (c-indent-exp): Use a marker to save point to
make it stay in the same position relative to the surrounding
* cc-cmds.el (c-fill-paragraph): Force the line comment prefix
when adaptive-fill-mode doesn't manage to get it correct.
* cc-menus.el (cc-imenu-java-generic-expression): Handle types
with dotted notation, e.g.
* cc-mode.el (c-initialize-cc-mode): Wrap all function calls
within unwind-protect (previously only some were wrapped so it
would be possible to register mode initialization when full
initialization did not finish).
* cc-styles.el (c-style-alist): Corrected the brace placement
in the whitesmith style. Thanks to Sean Luke
<>. Also extended the bsd and whitesmith
styles with consistent brace placement for all constructs.
1999-12-12 Martin Stjernholm <>
* cc-cmds.el (c-context-line-break): Continue C++ comments too
when point is in the middle of them.
* cc-cmds.el: Line breaking and paragraph filling code
(c-guess-fill-prefix): New function that uses various
heuristics to guess the comment prefix.
(c-fill-paragraph): Rewritten to use `c-guess-fill-prefix'.
It now assumes adaptive filling is active to preserve the line
prefix inside comments.
(c-indent-new-comment-line): Replacement for the now
obsolete `c-comment-line-break-function' that uses
`c-guess-fill-prefix' when appropriate. It now observes the
setting of `comment-multi-line', which has effect in C-style
block comments.
* cc-cmds.el (c-context-line-break): New function intended to
be put on RET. It's essentially `newline-and-indent', but
continues C block comments with the appropriate line prefix.
* cc-cmds.el (c-do-auto-fill): New function put on
`normal-auto-fill-function' to implement the
`c-ignore-auto-fill' variable.
* cc-cmds.el (c-beginning-of-statement): Use
`c-comment-prefix-regexp' to avoid ending up inside the
comment prefix. Better handling of comment starters and
enders. Catch comments better when traversing code. Stop at
preprocessor directives.
* cc-defs.el (c-forward-comment): New subst to hide platform
dependent quirks in `forward-comment'.
* cc-engine.el (c-literal-limits): Added NOT-IN-DELIMITER
(c-literal-limits-fast): Implemented NEAR and NOT-IN-DELIMITER
arguments. Activate this function by default when
`parse-partial-sexp' supports it (currently Emacs 20.x).
* cc-engine.el (c-guess-basic-syntax): Anchor the `c' syntax
on the comment opener to make constants usable as lineup
* cc-align.el (c-lineup-C-comments): Fixes to handle the
changed anchor position in the `c' syntactic symbol. Handle
more than stars in the comment prefix; use the new variable
`c-comment-prefix-regexp'. Don't indent text not preceded by
a comment prefix to the right of the comment opener if it's
* cc-langs.el: Fixes to mode initialization for new line
breaking and paragraph filling method. Adaptive fill mode is
now activated at startup instead of deactivated. The
variables used for adaptive filling and paragraph movement are
also changed to incorporate the value of
`c-comment-prefix-regexp'. `substitute-key-definition' is
used to override some functions in the global map instead of
overriding their default bindings.
* cc-mode.el (java-mode): Modify `paragraph-start' for the
javadoc markup at mode init.
* cc-mode.el (c-setup-filladapt): A new convenience function
to configure Kyle E. Jones' Filladapt mode for CC Mode. This
function is intended to be used explicitly by the end user
* cc-vars.el (c-comment-prefix-regexp): New variable used to
recognize the comment fill prefix inside comments.
(c-block-comment-prefix): New name for
`c-comment-contiuation-stars', which is now obsolete. It's
generalized to handle any character sequence.
(c-ignore-auto-fill): New variable used to selectively disable
Auto Fill mode in specific contexts.
1999-12-12 Martin Stjernholm <>
* cc-cmds.el (c-comment-indent): Leave at least one space
between the comment and the last nonblank character in the
case where we look at the indentation of the comment on the
previous line (case 4).
* cc-engine.el (c-beginning-of-statement-1): Added ``' to the
list of characters that may start a statement (it's a sort of
prefix operator in Pike, and isn't used at all in any of the
other languages).
1999-12-12 Martin Stjernholm <>
* cc-engine.el (c-guess-basic-syntax): Report brace list opens
inside continued statements as statement-cont instead of
brace-list-open. The reason is that one normally adjusts
brace-list-open for brace lists as top-level constructs, and
brace lists inside statements is a completely different
context. Case 10B.2 changed. Also changed (the somewhat
esoteric) case 9A to cope with this.
1999-12-12 Martin Stjernholm <>
* cc-cmds.el (c-electric-brace): Added electric handling of
the open brace for brace-elseif-brace.
1999-12-12 Martin Stjernholm <>
* cc-defs.el (c-with-syntax-table): New macro to easily switch
syntax tables temporarily.
* cc-engine.el (c-guess-basic-syntax): Handle template and
member init argument lists split over several lines. Case 5D
* cc-langs.el (c-Java-javadoc-paragraph-start): Added new tag
@throws introduced in Javadoc 1.2.
* cc-menus.el (cc-imenu-java-generic-expression): Applied
patch from RMS to avoid infinite backtracking.
1999-12-12 Martin Stjernholm <>
* cc-align.el (c-lineup-arglist): Handle "arglists" surrounded
by [ ].
1999-12-12 Martin Stjernholm <>
* cc-align.el (c-lineup-dont-change): Compensate properly for
the column in langelem.
* cc-engine.el (c-syntactic-information-on-region): New
function to help debugging the syntactic analysis.
1999-12-12 Martin Stjernholm <>
* cc-align.el (c-lineup-template-args): Handle nested template
* cc-langs.el (c++-template-syntax-table): New syntax table
that makes `<' and `>' parenthesis characters, which is useful
to switch to temporarily when analyzing template arglists.
* cc-styles.el: Changed default alignment of labels in the
java style to conform to the examples in the Java Language
* cc-styles.el (c-offsets-alist): Use `c-lineup-template-args'
by default.
1999-12-12 Martin Stjernholm <>
* cc-engine.el (c-guess-basic-syntax): Pike allows a comma
immediately before the closing paren in an arglist, so don't
check that in Pike mode. Case 7A changed.
1999-12-12 Martin Stjernholm <>
* cc-cmds.el (c-indent-region): Fixed bug where comment-only
lines were ignored under certain conditions.
1999-12-12 Martin Stjernholm <>
* cc-align.el (c-lineup-template-args): New function for
aligning continued template argument lists.
* cc-engine.el (c-guess-basic-syntax): Fix for member init
lists containing function arglists split over several lines.
Case 5D.1 changed.
* cc-engine.el (c-guess-basic-syntax): Fixed bug where
template-args-cont didn't get recognized when the first
arglist opener line doesn't contain a template argument. New
case 5K.
1999-12-12 Martin Stjernholm <>
* cc-defs.el (c-point): Changed from subst to macro for
(c-beginning-of-defun-1, c-end-of-defun-1): New
beginning-of-defun/end-of-defun wrappers separated from
* cc-menus.el (imenu-generic-expression,
imenu-case-fold-search, imenu-progress-message): Dummy
definitions to avoid compiler warnings if imenu can't be
* cc-menus.el (cc-imenu-init): New function called at mode
* cc-mode.el (c-mode, c++-mode, objc-mode, java-mode): Moved
imenu initializations to cc-imenu-init.
1999-12-12 Martin Stjernholm <>
* cc-engine.el (c-guess-basic-syntax): Slightly better check
for lambda-intro-cont in Pike mode. Case 6 changed.
* cc-engine.el (c-looking-at-inexpr-block): Fixed bug where
anything following "new Foo()" was considered an anonymous
class body in Java mode.
1999-12-12 Barry A. Warsaw <>
* cc-cmds.el (c-comment-line-break-function): When breaking in
a string, don't insert a new line.
1999-12-12 Barry A. Warsaw <>
* cc-engine.el (c-at-toplevel-p): New interface function which
returns information useful to add-on authors. It tells you
whether you're at a toplevel statement or not.
1999-12-12 Barry A. Warsaw <>
* cc-cmds.el (c-comment-line-break-function): It is possible
that forward-line does not land us at the bol, say if we're on
the last line in a file. In that case, do a
back-to-indentation instead of a forward-comment -1.
1999-12-12 Martin Stjernholm <>
* cc-engine.el (c-beginning-of-statement-1): Don't catch
"default:" as normal label in case 4.
1999-12-12 Martin Stjernholm <>
* cc-engine.el (c-guess-basic-syntax): Use c-bitfield-key to
recognize continued bitfield declarations. Case 5D.1 changed.
* cc-langs.el: New variable c-bitfield-key.
* cc-mode.el: New variable c-bitfield-key.
1999-12-12 Martin Stjernholm <>
* cc-engine.el (c-inside-bracelist-p): Tighter test for Java
anonymous array expressions (i.e. "new Foo[] {.. bracelist
1999-12-12 Dave Love <>
* footnote.el: Require cl when compiling. Don't autoload kemap
* footnote.el: Require cl when compiling. Don't autoload keymap
and minor-mode-alist stuff. Don't set zmacs-region-stays.
(footnote-insert-text-marker, Footnote-insert-pointer-marker):
Avoid `acons'.
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