Commit 03d5bbb0 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(edebug-install-custom-print, edebug-reset-print-funcs)
(edebug-uninstall-custom-print, edebug-uninstall-custom-print-funcs):
Functions deleted.
(edebug-prin1, edebug-print, edebug-prin1-to-string)
(edebug-format, edebug-message): Define directly as aliases.
parent ee3c2877
......@@ -3675,44 +3675,6 @@ Return the result of the last expression."
;;; Printing
;; Replace printing functions.
;; obsolete names
(define-obsolete-function-alias 'edebug-install-custom-print-funcs
'edebug-install-custom-print "22.1")
(define-obsolete-function-alias 'edebug-reset-print-funcs
'edebug-uninstall-custom-print "22.1")
(define-obsolete-function-alias 'edebug-uninstall-custom-print-funcs
'edebug-uninstall-custom-print "22.1")
(defun edebug-install-custom-print ()
"Replace print functions used by Edebug with custom versions."
;; Modifying the custom print functions, or changing print-length,
;; print-level, print-circle, custom-print-list or custom-print-vector
;; have immediate effect.
(require 'cust-print)
(defalias 'edebug-prin1 'custom-prin1)
(defalias 'edebug-print 'custom-print)
(defalias 'edebug-prin1-to-string 'custom-prin1-to-string)
(defalias 'edebug-format 'custom-format)
(defalias 'edebug-message 'custom-message)
(defun edebug-uninstall-custom-print ()
"Replace edebug custom print functions with internal versions."
(defalias 'edebug-prin1 'prin1)
(defalias 'edebug-print 'print)
(defalias 'edebug-prin1-to-string 'prin1-to-string)
(defalias 'edebug-format 'format)
(defalias 'edebug-message 'message)
;; Default print functions are the same as Emacs'.
(defun edebug-report-error (edebug-value)
;; Print an error message like command level does.
......@@ -3759,6 +3721,12 @@ Return the result of the last expression."
;;; Read, Eval and Print
(defalias 'edebug-prin1 'prin1)
(defalias 'edebug-print 'print)
(defalias 'edebug-prin1-to-string 'prin1-to-string)
(defalias 'edebug-format 'format)
(defalias 'edebug-message 'message)
(defun edebug-eval-expression (edebug-expr)
"Evaluate an expression in the outside environment.
If interactive, prompt for the expression.
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