Commit 03e130d5 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(preserved_fns): New var.

(Fcall_interactively): Preserve fns listed in preserved_fns
when they appear in an interactive spec which is a call to `list'.
(syms_of_callint): Set preserved_fns and staticpro it.
parent e47b2570
......@@ -35,6 +35,9 @@ Lisp_Object Vcommand_history;
Lisp_Object Vcommand_debug_status, Qcommand_debug_status;
Lisp_Object Qenable_recursive_minibuffers;
Lisp_Object Qlist;
Lisp_Object preserved_fns;
/* This comment supplies the doc string for interactive,
for make-docfile to see. We cannot put this in the real DEFUN
due to limits in the Unix cpp.
......@@ -250,12 +253,44 @@ Otherwise, this is done only if an arg is read using the minibuffer.")
else if (string == 0)
Lisp_Object input;
i = num_input_chars;
input = specs;
/* Compute the arg values using the user's expression. */
specs = Feval (specs);
if (i != num_input_chars || !NILP (record))
= Fcons (Fcons (function, quotify_args (Fcopy_sequence (specs))),
/* We should record this command on the command history. */
Lisp_Object values, car;
/* Make a copy of the list of values, for the command history,
and turn them into things we can eval. */
values = quotify_args (Fcopy_sequence (specs));
/* If the list of args was produced with an explicit call to `list',
look for elements that were computed with (region-beginning)
or (region-end), and put those expressions into VALUES
instead of the present values. */
car = Fcar (input);
if (EQ (car, Qlist))
Lisp_Object intail, valtail;
for (intail = Fcdr (input), valtail = values;
CONSP (valtail);
intail = Fcdr (intail), valtail = Fcdr (valtail))
Lisp_Object elt;
elt = Fcar (intail);
if (CONSP (elt))
Lisp_Object presflag;
presflag = Fmemq (Fcar (elt), preserved_fns);
if (!NILP (presflag))
Fsetcar (valtail, Fcar (intail));
= Fcons (Fcons (function, values), Vcommand_history);
return apply1 (function, specs);
......@@ -553,6 +588,15 @@ Its numeric meaning is what you would get from `(interactive \"p\")'.")
syms_of_callint ()
preserved_fns = Fcons (intern ("region-beginning"),
Fcons (intern ("region-end"),
Fcons (intern ("point"),
Fcons (intern ("mark"), Qnil))));
staticpro (&preserved_fns);
Qlist = intern ("list");
staticpro (&Qlist);
Qminus = intern ("-");
staticpro (&Qminus);
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