Commit 03e1d617 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

(face_at_buffer_position_no_overlays): New function.

parent e2f95383
......@@ -7706,6 +7706,82 @@ face_at_buffer_position (w, pos, region_beg, region_end,
return lookup_face (f, attrs, 0, NULL);
/* Return the face ID associated with buffer position POS for
displaying ASCII characters, but without overlays.
Like face_at_buffer_position except it ignores overlays. */
face_at_buffer_position_no_overlays (w, pos, region_beg, region_end,
endptr, limit, mouse)
struct window *w;
int pos;
int region_beg, region_end;
int *endptr;
int limit;
int mouse;
struct frame *f = XFRAME (w->frame);
Lisp_Object attrs[LFACE_VECTOR_SIZE];
Lisp_Object prop, position;
int i, noverlays;
Lisp_Object *overlay_vec;
Lisp_Object frame;
int endpos;
Lisp_Object propname = mouse ? Qmouse_face : Qface;
Lisp_Object limit1, end;
struct face *default_face;
/* W must display the current buffer. We could write this function
to use the frame and buffer of W, but right now it doesn't. */
/* xassert (XBUFFER (w->buffer) == current_buffer); */
XSETFRAME (frame, f);
XSETFASTINT (position, pos);
endpos = ZV;
if (pos < region_beg && region_beg < endpos)
endpos = region_beg;
/* Get the `face' or `mouse_face' text property at POS, and
determine the next position at which the property changes. */
prop = Fget_text_property (position, propname, w->buffer);
XSETFASTINT (limit1, (limit < endpos ? limit : endpos));
end = Fnext_single_property_change (position, propname, w->buffer, limit1);
if (INTEGERP (end))
endpos = XINT (end);
*endptr = endpos;
default_face = FACE_FROM_ID (f, DEFAULT_FACE_ID);
/* Optimize common cases where we can use the default face. */
if (NILP (prop)
&& !(pos >= region_beg && pos < region_end))
/* Begin with attributes from the default face. */
bcopy (default_face->lface, attrs, sizeof attrs);
/* Merge in attributes specified via text properties. */
if (!NILP (prop))
merge_face_ref (f, prop, attrs, 1, 0);
/* If in the region, merge in the region face. */
if (pos >= region_beg && pos < region_end)
merge_named_face (f, Qregion, attrs, 0);
if (region_end < endpos)
endpos = region_end;
*endptr = endpos;
/* Look up a realized face with the given face attributes,
or realize a new one for ASCII characters. */
return lookup_face (f, attrs, 0, NULL);
/* Compute the face at character position POS in Lisp string STRING on
window W, for ASCII characters.
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