Commit 03e757c1 authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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parent 771e5387
2000-11-22 Gerd Moellmann <>
* mail/rmail.el (rmail-confirm-expunge): Default to
2000-11-22 Stefan Monnier <>
* textmodes/tex-mode.el (tex-font-lock-keywords-1):
......@@ -21,11 +26,15 @@
2000-11-22 Sam Steingold <>
* simple.el (delete-trailing-whitespace): New interactive function.
* simple.el (delete-trailing-whitespace): New interactive
* progmodes/ada-mode.el (ada-mode): Use it instead of
(ada-remove-trailing-spaces): Removed.
* textmodes/two-column.el (2C-merge): Recommend it in the doc.
* textmodes/picture.el (picture-clean): Removed.
(picture-mode-exit): Call it instead of `picture-clean'.
2000-11-22 Gerd Moellmann <>
* buffer.c (Fmake_indirect_buffer): Don't treat nil as a
buffer object.
* frame.h (struct frame): Replace desired_tool_bar_items,
current_tool_bar_items, n_desired_tool_bar_items,
n_current_tool_bar_items removed with tool_bar_items and
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