Commit 03f8fb34 authored by Andrew Innes's avatar Andrew Innes
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(w32_to_x_weight): Return "demibold" instead of "semibold".

parent 40940612
......@@ -5357,7 +5357,7 @@ w32_to_x_weight (fnweight)
if (fnweight >= FW_HEAVY) return "heavy";
if (fnweight >= FW_EXTRABOLD) return "extrabold";
if (fnweight >= FW_BOLD) return "bold";
if (fnweight >= FW_SEMIBOLD) return "semibold";
if (fnweight >= FW_SEMIBOLD) return "demibold";
if (fnweight >= FW_MEDIUM) return "medium";
if (fnweight >= FW_NORMAL) return "normal";
if (fnweight >= FW_LIGHT) return "light";
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