Commit 03f962fb authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

(ps-print-preprint): Special handling if

file entered in the minibuffer is a directory.
parent df0d89b1
......@@ -1168,9 +1168,11 @@ StandardEncoding 46 82 getinterval aload pop
(listp filename)))
(let* ((name (concat (buffer-name) ".ps"))
(prompt (format "Save PostScript to file: (default %s) "
(read-file-name prompt default-directory
name nil))))
(res (read-file-name prompt default-directory name nil)))
(if (file-directory-p res)
(expand-file-name name (file-name-as-directory res))
;; The following functions implement a simple list-buffering scheme so
;; that ps-print doesn't have to repeatedly switch between buffers
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