Commit 041a6e47 authored by Miles Bader's avatar Miles Bader
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lisp/longlines.el (longlines-visible-face): Face removed
parent 221711eb
2005-06-10 Miles Bader <>
* longlines.el (longlines-visible-face): Face removed.
* diff-mode.el (diff-header, diff-file-header, diff-index)
(diff-hunk-header, diff-removed, diff-added, diff-changed)
(diff-function, diff-context, diff-nonexistent): Remove "-face"
(diff-function, diff-context, diff-nonexistent): Remove "-face"
suffix from face names.
(diff-header-face, diff-file-header-face, diff-index-face)
(diff-hunk-header-face, diff-removed-face, diff-added-face)
(diff-changed-face, diff-function-face, diff-context-face)
(diff-nonexistent-face): New backward-compatibility aliases for
(diff-nonexistent-face): New backward-compatibility aliases for
renamed faces.
(diff-header-face, diff-file-header-face)
(diff-index, diff-index-face, diff-hunk-header)
......@@ -153,11 +153,6 @@ major mode changes."
;; Showing the effect of hard newlines in the buffer
(defface longlines-visible-face
'((t (:background "red")))
"Face used to make hard newlines visible in `longlines-mode'."
:group 'longlines)
(defun longlines-show-hard-newlines (&optional arg)
"Make hard newlines visible by adding a face.
With optional argument ARG, make the hard newlines invisible again."
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