Commit 043620f4 authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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Miscellaneous fixes for better compatibility with

XEmacs 19.12.

(ps-plot-with-face): Added code to handle Emacs
19.29's new ability for the face attribute to hold a list of

Rolled in Chuck Thompson's changes to make color
printing work in XEmacs 19.12.

Fix error in comments.

(ps-generate-postscript-with-faces): Add fix to
handle extents without faces.

(ps-faces-list): deleted.  Added alias for
list-faces if face-list isn't fbound.

(ps-print-ensure-fontified) added to make sure
ps-print works correctly in conjunction with lazy-lock.

RMS's changes for Emacs.
parent 381cd4bb
......@@ -24,9 +24,9 @@
;; LCD Archive Entry:
;; ps-print|James C. Thompson||
;; Jim's Pretty-Good PostScript Generator for Emacs 19 (ps-print)|
;; 26-Feb-1994|2.0|~/packages/ps-print.el|
;; 26-Feb-1994|2.8|~/packages/ps-print.el|
;; Baseline-version: 2.0. (Jim's last change version -- this
;; Baseline-version: 2.8. (Jim's last change version -- this
;; file may have been edited as part of Emacs without changes to the
;; version number. When reporting bugs, please also report the
;; version of Emacs, if any, that ps-print was distributed with.)
......@@ -179,7 +179,10 @@
;; file:
;; (setq ps-bold-faces '(my-blue-face))
;; (setq ps-red-faces '(my-red-face))
;; (setq ps-italic-faces '(my-red-face))
;; Faces like bold-italic that are both bold and italic should go in
;; *both* lists.
;; Ps-print does not attempt to guess the sizes of fonts; all text is
;; rendered using the Courier font family, in 10 point size. To
......@@ -340,13 +343,21 @@
;; Known bugs and limitations of ps-print:
;; --------------------------------------
;; Although color printing will work in XEmacs 19.12, it doesn't work
;; well; in particular, bold or italic fonts don't print in the right
;; background color.
;; Invisible properties aren't correctly ignored in XEmacs 19.12.
;; Automatic font-attribute detection doesn't work well, especially
;; with hilit19 and older versions of get-create-face. Users having
;; problems with auto-font detection should use the lists ps-italic-
;; faces and ps-bold-faces and/or turn off automatic detection by
;; setting ps-auto-font-detect to nil.
;; Color output doesn't yet work in XEmacs.
;; Automatic font-attribute detection doesn't work with XEmacs 19.12
;; in tty mode; use the lists ps-italic-faces and ps-bold-faces
;; instead.
;; Still too slow; could use some hand-optimization.
......@@ -396,8 +407,8 @@
;;; Code:
(defconst ps-print-version "2.0"
"ps-print.el,v 2.0 1995/02/12 04:39:48 jct Exp
(defconst ps-print-version "2.8"
"ps-print.el,v 2.8 1995/05/04 12:06:10 jct Exp
Jim's last change version -- this file may have been edited as part of
Emacs without changes to the version number. When reporting bugs,
......@@ -444,7 +455,8 @@ customizable by changing variables `ps-header-left' and
Note: page numbers are displayed as part of headers, see variable
(defvar ps-print-color-p (and (fboundp 'x-color-values)
(defvar ps-print-color-p (and (or (fboundp 'x-color-values) ; fsf
(fboundp 'pixel-components)) ; xemacs
(fboundp 'float))
; Printing color requires both floating point and x-color-values.
"*If non-nil, print the buffer's text in color.")
......@@ -703,7 +715,8 @@ number, prompt the user for the name of the file to save in."
(if (or (eq emacs-type 'lucid)
(eq emacs-type 'xemacs))
(setq ps-print-color-p nil)
(if (< emacs-minor-version 12)
(setq ps-print-color-p nil))
(require 'faces)) ; face-font, face-underline-p,
; x-font-regexp
......@@ -1472,9 +1485,11 @@ EndDSCPage\n"))
(defun ps-set-color (color)
(if (setq ps-current-color color)
(ps-output (format ps-color-format (nth 0 ps-current-color)
(nth 1 ps-current-color) (nth 2 ps-current-color))
" FG\n")))
(setq ps-current-color ps-default-fg))
(ps-output (format ps-color-format (nth 0 ps-current-color)
(nth 1 ps-current-color) (nth 2 ps-current-color))
" FG\n"))
(defun ps-set-underline (underline-p)
(ps-output (if underline-p "true" "false") " UL\n")
......@@ -1537,20 +1552,56 @@ EndDSCPage\n"))
;; Scale 16-bit X-COLOR-VALUE to PostScript color value in [0, 1] interval.
(/ x-color-value ps-print-color-scale))
(defun ps-color-values (x-color)
(cond ((fboundp 'x-color-values)
(x-color-values x-color))
((fboundp 'pixel-components)
(pixel-components x-color))
(t (error "No available function to determine X color values."))))
(defun ps-face-attributes (face)
(let ((differs (face-differs-from-default-p face)))
(list (memq face ps-ref-bold-faces)
(memq face ps-ref-italic-faces)
(memq face ps-ref-underlined-faces)
(and differs (face-foreground face))
(and differs (face-background face)))))
(defun ps-face-attribute-list (face-or-list)
(if (listp face-or-list)
(let (bold-p italic-p underline-p foreground background face-attr face)
(while face-or-list
(setq face (car face-or-list))
(setq face-attr (ps-face-attributes face))
(setq bold-p (or bold-p (nth 0 face-attr)))
(setq italic-p (or italic-p (nth 1 face-attr)))
(setq underline-p (or underline-p (nth 2 face-attr)))
(if foreground
(setq foreground (nth 3 face-attr)))
(if background
(setq background (nth 4 face-attr)))
(setq face-or-list (cdr face-or-list)))
(list bold-p italic-p underline-p foreground background))
(ps-face-attributes face-or-list)))
(defun ps-plot-with-face (from to face)
(if face
(let* ((bold-p (memq face ps-ref-bold-faces))
(italic-p (memq face ps-ref-italic-faces))
(underline-p (memq face ps-ref-underlined-faces))
(foreground (face-foreground face))
(background (face-background face))
(let* ((face-attr (ps-face-attribute-list face))
(bold-p (nth 0 face-attr))
(italic-p (nth 1 face-attr))
(underline-p (nth 2 face-attr))
(foreground (nth 3 face-attr))
(background (nth 4 face-attr))
(fg-color (if (and ps-print-color-p foreground)
(mapcar 'ps-color-value
(x-color-values foreground))
(ps-color-values foreground))
(bg-color (if (and ps-print-color-p background)
(mapcar 'ps-color-value
(x-color-values background)))))
(ps-color-values background)))))
(ps-plot-region from to
(cond ((and bold-p italic-p) 3)
(italic-p 2)
......@@ -1601,14 +1652,12 @@ EndDSCPage\n"))
(or (face-underline-p face)
(memq face ps-underlined-faces)))
(defun ps-faces-list ()
(if (or (eq emacs-type 'lucid) (eq emacs-type 'xemacs))
;; Ensure that face-list is fbound.
(or (fboundp 'face-list) (defalias 'face-list 'list-faces))
(defun ps-build-reference-face-lists ()
(if ps-auto-font-detect
(let ((faces (ps-faces-list))
(let ((faces (face-list))
(setq ps-ref-bold-faces nil
ps-ref-italic-faces nil
......@@ -1640,7 +1689,13 @@ EndDSCPage\n"))
(defun ps-extent-sorter (a b)
(< (extent-priority a) (extent-priority b)))
(defun ps-print-ensure-fontified (start end)
(if (and (boundp 'lazy-lock-mode) lazy-lock-mode)
(if (fboundp 'lazy-lock-fontify-region)
(lazy-lock-fontify-region start end)
(defun ps-generate-postscript-with-faces (from to)
;; Build the reference lists of faces if necessary.
(if (or ps-always-build-face-reference
......@@ -1653,13 +1708,14 @@ EndDSCPage\n"))
;; evaluated at dump-time because X isn't initialized.
(setq ps-print-color-scale
(if ps-print-color-p
(float (car (x-color-values "white")))
(float (car (ps-color-values "white")))
;; Generate some PostScript.
(narrow-to-region from to)
(let ((face 'default)
(position to))
(ps-print-ensure-fontified from to)
(cond ((or (eq emacs-type 'lucid) (eq emacs-type 'xemacs))
;; Build the list of extents...
(let ((a (cons 'dummy nil))
......@@ -1683,12 +1739,21 @@ EndDSCPage\n"))
(setq extent (car record))
;; Plot up to this record.
(ps-plot-with-face from position face)
;; XEmacs 19.12: for some reason, we're getting into a
;; situation in which some of the records have
;; positions less than 'from'. Since we've narrowed
;; the buffer, this'll generate errors. This is a
;; hack, but don't call ps-plot-with-face unless from >
;; point-min.
(if (and (>= from (point-min))
(<= position (point-max)))
(ps-plot-with-face from position face))
((eq type 'push)
(setq extent-list (sort (cons extent extent-list)
(if (extent-face extent)
(setq extent-list (sort (cons extent extent-list)
((eq type 'pull)
(setq extent-list (sort (delq extent extent-list)
......@@ -1856,6 +1921,9 @@ EndDSCPage\n"))
;; and able to figure out how to use it. It isn't really part of ps-
;; print, but I'll leave it here in hopes it might be useful:
;; WARNING!!! The following code is *sample* code only. Don't use it
;; unless you understand what it does!
(defmacro ps-prsc () (list 'if (list 'eq 'emacs-type ''fsf) [f22] ''f22))
(defmacro ps-c-prsc () (list 'if (list 'eq 'emacs-type ''fsf) [C-f22]
''(control f22)))
......@@ -1968,6 +2036,12 @@ EndDSCPage\n"))
;; The left headers will display the node name and file name.
(list 'ps-info-node 'ps-info-file)))
;; WARNING! The following function is a *sample* only, and is *not*
;; meant to be used as a whole unless you understand what the effects
;; will be! (In fact, this is a copy if my setup for ps-print -- I'd
;; be very surprised if it was useful to *anybody*, without
;; modification.)
(defun ps-jts-ps-setup ()
(global-set-key (ps-prsc) 'ps-spool-buffer-with-faces) ;f22 is prsc
(global-set-key (ps-s-prsc) 'ps-spool-region-with-faces)
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