Commit 048a0fbb authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(replace_range): Use adjust_markers_for_replace

instead of adjust_markers_for_delete and adjust_markers_for_insert.
parent 886ed6ec
......@@ -1423,13 +1423,6 @@ replace_range (from, to, new, prepare, inherit, markers)
if (! EQ (current_buffer->undo_list, Qt))
deletion = make_buffer_string_both (from, from_byte, to, to_byte, 1);
if (markers)
/* Relocate all markers pointing into the new, larger gap
to point at the end of the text before the gap.
Do this before recording the deletion,
so that undo handles this after reinserting the text. */
adjust_markers_for_delete (from, from_byte, to, to_byte);
GAP_SIZE += nbytes_del;
ZV -= nchars_del;
Z -= nchars_del;
......@@ -1489,10 +1482,11 @@ replace_range (from, to, new, prepare, inherit, markers)
adjusting the markers that bound the overlays. */
adjust_overlays_for_delete (from, nchars_del);
adjust_overlays_for_insert (from, inschars);
/* Adjust markers for the deletion and the insertion. */
if (markers)
adjust_markers_for_insert (from, from_byte,
from + inschars, from_byte + outgoing_insbytes,
adjust_markers_for_replace (from, from_byte, nchars_del, nbytes_del,
inschars, outgoing_insbytes);
offset_intervals (current_buffer, from, inschars - nchars_del);
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