Commit 04e99383 authored by Noam Postavsky's avatar Noam Postavsky

Accept NO-PROPERTIES in thing-at-point aliases (Bug#35491)

* lisp/thingatpt.el (word-at-point, sentence-at-point): Accept and
pass NO-PROPERTIES to thing-at-point.
* etc/NEWS: Announce change.
parent 88cc910a
......@@ -1283,11 +1283,18 @@ automatically updates. In the buffer, you can use 's q' or 's e' to
signal a thread with quit or error respectively, or get a snapshot
backtrace with 'b'.
** thingatpt.el
** thingatpt.el supports a new "thing" called 'uuid'.
*** 'thing-at-point' supports a new "thing" called 'uuid'.
A symbol 'uuid' can be passed to 'thing-at-point' and it returns the
UUID at point.
*** 'word-at-point' and 'sentence-at-point' accept NO-PROPERTIES.
Just like 'thing-at-point' itself.
** Interactive automatic highlighting
......@@ -585,13 +585,13 @@ See RFC 4122 for the description of the format.")
;; Aliases
(defun word-at-point ()
(defun word-at-point (&optional no-properties)
"Return the word at point. See `thing-at-point'."
(thing-at-point 'word))
(thing-at-point 'word no-properties))
(defun sentence-at-point ()
(defun sentence-at-point (&optional no-properties)
"Return the sentence at point. See `thing-at-point'."
(thing-at-point 'sentence))
(thing-at-point 'sentence no-properties))
(defun thing-at-point--read-from-whole-string (str)
"Read a Lisp expression from STR.
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