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(Standard Faces): Reference the Mark node. Remove discussion of the

region face, which is discussed there.
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......@@ -402,8 +402,7 @@ This face is used for highlighting the current Query Replace match.
This face is used for lazy highlighting of Isearch and Query Replace
matches other than the current one.
@item region
This face is used for displaying a selected region (when Transient Mark
mode is enabled---see below).
This face is used for displaying a selected region (@pxref{Mark}).
@item secondary-selection
This face is used for displaying a secondary X selection (@pxref{Secondary
......@@ -419,14 +418,6 @@ a control character. It's also used when @samp{\} indicates a
nobreak space or nobreak (soft) hyphen.
@end table
@cindex @code{region} face
When Transient Mark mode is enabled, the text of the region is
highlighted when the mark is active. This uses the face named
@code{region}; you can control the style of highlighting by changing the
style of this face (@pxref{Face Customization}). @xref{Transient Mark},
for more information about Transient Mark mode and activation and
deactivation of the mark.
These faces control the appearance of parts of the Emacs frame.
They exist as faces to provide a consistent way to customize the
appearance of these parts of the frame.
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