Commit 04f915db authored by Dmitry Gutov's avatar Dmitry Gutov

; Tighten up vc-state tests, allowed by the previous change

parent 24301c81
......@@ -329,8 +329,10 @@ This checks also `vc-backend' and `vc-responsible-backend'."
;; Write a new file. Check state.
(write-region "foo" nil tmp-name nil 'nomessage)
(message "vc-state3 %s" (vc-state tmp-name))
(should (null (vc-state tmp-name)))
;; nil: Mtn
;; unregistered: Bzr CVS Git Hg SVN RCS
(message "vc-state3 %s %s" backend (vc-state tmp-name backend))
(should (memq (vc-state tmp-name backend) '(nil unregistered)))
;; Register a file. Check state.
......@@ -348,10 +350,11 @@ This checks also `vc-backend' and `vc-responsible-backend'."
'vc-test--unregister-function backend tmp-name)
(message "vc-state5 unsupported")
;; nil: Bzr Git Hg RCS
;; unregistered: Bzr Git RCS Hg
;; unsupported: CVS Mtn SCCS SRC SVN
(message "vc-state5 %s" (vc-state tmp-name))
(should (null (vc-state tmp-name))))))
(message "vc-state5 %s %s" backend (vc-state tmp-name backend))
(should (memq (vc-state tmp-name backend)
'(nil unregistered))))))
;; Save exit.
(ignore-errors (run-hooks 'vc-test--cleanup-hook)))))
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