Commit 0521f580 authored by Dan Nicolaescu's avatar Dan Nicolaescu
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Convert function definitions to standard C.

* src/xterm.c (x_scroll_bar_set_handle, x_scroll_bar_expose)
(_scroll_bar_note_movement): Convert definitions to standard C.
* src/xmenu.c (menu_help_callback, pop_down_menu, xmenu_show):
* src/xfns.c (hack_wm_protocols, x_window, x_window): Likewise.
parent ababf900
2010-07-12 Dan Nicolaescu <>
* xterm.c (x_scroll_bar_set_handle, x_scroll_bar_expose)
(_scroll_bar_note_movement): Convert definitions to standard C.
* xmenu.c (menu_help_callback, pop_down_menu, xmenu_show):
* xfns.c (hack_wm_protocols, x_window, x_window): Likewise.
2010-07-12 Dan Nicolaescu <>
* xterm.c (x_frame_of_widget, x_alloc_nearest_color_for_widget)
......@@ -2676,9 +2676,7 @@ x_window (FRAME_PTR f)
/* Create and set up the X window for frame F. */
x_window (f)
struct frame *f;
x_window (struct frame *f)
XClassHint class_hints;
XSetWindowAttributes attributes;
......@@ -2228,9 +2228,7 @@ static struct frame *menu_help_frame;
keyboard events. */
static void
menu_help_callback (help_string, pane, item)
char *help_string;
int pane, item;
menu_help_callback (char *help_string, int pane, int item)
extern Lisp_Object Qmenu_item;
Lisp_Object *first_item;
......@@ -2255,8 +2253,7 @@ menu_help_callback (help_string, pane, item)
static Lisp_Object
pop_down_menu (arg)
Lisp_Object arg;
pop_down_menu (Lisp_Object arg)
struct Lisp_Save_Value *p1 = XSAVE_VALUE (Fcar (arg));
struct Lisp_Save_Value *p2 = XSAVE_VALUE (Fcdr (arg));
......@@ -2291,14 +2288,7 @@ pop_down_menu (arg)
xmenu_show (f, x, y, for_click, keymaps, title, error, timestamp)
int x, y;
int for_click;
int keymaps;
Lisp_Object title;
char **error;
EMACS_UINT timestamp;
xmenu_show (FRAME_PTR f, int x, int y, int for_click, int keymaps, Lisp_Object title, char **error, unsigned int timestamp)
Window root;
XMenu *menu;
......@@ -4849,10 +4849,7 @@ x_scroll_bar_create (struct window *w, int top, int left, int width, int height)
to move to the very end of the buffer. */
static void
x_scroll_bar_set_handle (bar, start, end, rebuild)
struct scroll_bar *bar;
int start, end;
int rebuild;
x_scroll_bar_set_handle (struct scroll_bar *bar, int start, int end, int rebuild)
int dragging = ! NILP (bar->dragging);
Window w = bar->x_window;
......@@ -5294,9 +5291,7 @@ XTjudge_scroll_bars (FRAME_PTR f)
mark bits. */
static void
x_scroll_bar_expose (bar, event)
struct scroll_bar *bar;
XEvent *event;
x_scroll_bar_expose (struct scroll_bar *bar, XEvent *event)
Window w = bar->x_window;
......@@ -5396,9 +5391,7 @@ x_scroll_bar_handle_click (struct scroll_bar *bar, XEvent *event, struct input_e
mark bits. */
static void
x_scroll_bar_note_movement (bar, event)
struct scroll_bar *bar;
XEvent *event;
x_scroll_bar_note_movement (struct scroll_bar *bar, XEvent *event)
FRAME_PTR f = XFRAME (XWINDOW (bar->window)->frame);
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