Commit 054c198c authored by Alexander Gramiak's avatar Alexander Gramiak Committed by Noam Postavsky
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Catch argument and macroexpansion errors in ert

This kludge catches errors caused by evaluating arguments in ert's
should, should-not, and should-error macros; it also catches
macroexpansion errors inside of the above macros (Bug#24402).

* lisp/emacs-lisp/ert.el: (ert--should-signal-hook): New function.
(ert--expand-should-1): Catch macroexpansion errors.
* test/lisp/emacs-lisp/ert-tests.el (ert-test-should-error-argument)
(ert-test-should-error-macroexpansion): Tests for argument and
expansion errors.
parent e6fa0836
......@@ -260,6 +260,14 @@ DATA is displayed to the user and should state the reason for skipping."
(when ert--should-execution-observer
(funcall ert--should-execution-observer form-description)))
;; See Bug#24402 for why this exists
(defun ert--should-signal-hook (error-symbol data)
"Stupid hack to stop `condition-case' from catching ert signals.
It should only be stopped when ran from inside ert--run-test-internal."
(when (and (not (symbolp debugger)) ; only run on anonymous debugger
(memq error-symbol '(ert-test-failed ert-test-skipped)))
(funcall debugger 'error data)))
(defun ert--special-operator-p (thing)
"Return non-nil if THING is a symbol naming a special operator."
(and (symbolp thing)
......@@ -267,16 +275,22 @@ DATA is displayed to the user and should state the reason for skipping."
(and (subrp definition)
(eql (cdr (subr-arity definition)) 'unevalled)))))
;; FIXME: Code inside of here should probably be evaluated like it is
;; outside of tests, with the sole exception of error handling
(defun ert--expand-should-1 (whole form inner-expander)
"Helper function for the `should' macro and its variants."
(let ((form
(macroexpand form (append (bound-and-true-p
((boundp 'macroexpand-all-environment)
((boundp 'cl-macro-environment)
;; catch macroexpansion errors
(condition-case err
(macroexpand-all form
(append (bound-and-true-p
((boundp 'macroexpand-all-environment)
((boundp 'cl-macro-environment)
(error `(signal ',(car err) ',(cdr err))))))
((or (atom form) (ert--special-operator-p (car form)))
(let ((value (cl-gensym "value-")))
......@@ -297,8 +311,13 @@ DATA is displayed to the user and should state the reason for skipping."
(args (cl-gensym "args-"))
(value (cl-gensym "value-"))
(default-value (cl-gensym "ert-form-evaluation-aborted-")))
`(let ((,fn (function ,fn-name))
(,args (list ,@arg-forms)))
`(let* ((,fn (function ,fn-name))
(,args (condition-case err
(let ((signal-hook-function #'ert--should-signal-hook))
(list ,@arg-forms))
(error (progn (setq ,fn #'signal)
(list (car err)
(cdr err)))))))
(let ((,value ',default-value))
,(funcall inner-expander
`(setq ,value (apply ,fn ,args))
......@@ -760,6 +779,10 @@ This mainly sets up debugger-related bindings."
;; too expensive, we can remove it.
;; FIXME: Use `signal-hook-function' instead of `debugger' to
;; handle ert errors. Once that's done, remove
;; `ert--should-signal-hook'. See Bug#24402 and Bug#11218 for
;; details.
(let ((debugger (lambda (&rest args)
(ert--run-test-debugger test-execution-info
......@@ -294,6 +294,15 @@ failed or if there was a problem."
"the error signaled was a subtype of the expected type")))))
(ert-deftest ert-test-should-error-argument ()
"Errors due to evaluating arguments should not break tests."
(should-error (identity (/ 1 0))))
(ert-deftest ert-test-should-error-macroexpansion ()
"Errors due to expanding macros should not break tests."
(cl-macrolet ((test () (error "Foo")))
(should-error (test))))
(ert-deftest ert-test-skip-unless ()
;; Don't skip.
(let ((test (make-ert-test :body (lambda () (skip-unless t)))))
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