Commit 054e5c20 authored by Stephen Eglen's avatar Stephen Eglen
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Add support for Octave.

parent 1e5a4438
......@@ -752,6 +752,20 @@ Return nil if there is nothing appropriate."
:doc-spec '(("(r5rs)Index" nil
"^[ \t]+- [^:]+:[ \t]*" "\\b")))
:mode 'octave-mode
:regexp "[_a-zA-Z0-9]+"
:doc-spec '(("(octave)Function Index" nil "^ - [^:]+:[ ]+" nil)
("(octave)Variable Index" nil "^ - [^:]+:[ ]+" nil)
;; Catch lines of the form "xyz statement"
("(octave)Concept Index"
(lambda (item)
((string-match "^\\([A-Z]+\\) statement\\b" item)
(match-string 1 item))
(t nil)))
nil; "^ - [^:]+:[ ]+" don't think this prefix is useful here.
(provide 'info-look)
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