Commit 055e2a19 authored by Tino Calancha's avatar Tino Calancha
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insert-directory-wildcard-in-dir-p: Tweak regexp

This function must return non-nil for a wildcard like '/*/*.txt'.
* lisp/files.el (insert-directory-wildcard-in-dir-p): Adjust regexp.
* test/lisp/files-tests.el (files-tests--insert-directory-wildcard-in-dir-p):
Add test.
parent 12d7757a
......@@ -6566,7 +6566,7 @@ Valid wildcards are '*', '?', '[abc]' and '[a-z]'."
(string-match (concat "[" wildcards "]") (file-name-directory dir))
(not (file-exists-p dir))) ; Prefer an existing file to wildcards.
(let ((regexp (format "\\`\\([^%s]+/\\)\\([^%s]*[%s].*\\)"
(let ((regexp (format "\\`\\([^%s]*/\\)\\([^%s]*[%s].*\\)"
wildcards wildcards wildcards)))
(string-match regexp dir)
(cons (match-string 1 dir) (match-string 2 dir))))))
......@@ -313,5 +313,23 @@ be invoked with the right arguments."
`((verify-visited-file-modtime ,buffer-visiting-file)
(verify-visited-file-modtime nil))))))))
(ert-deftest files-tests--insert-directory-wildcard-in-dir-p ()
(let ((alist (list (cons "/home/user/*/.txt" (cons "/home/user/" "*/.txt"))
(cons "/home/user/.txt" nil)
(cons "/home/*/.txt" (cons "/home/" "*/.txt"))
(cons "/home/*/" (cons "/home/" "*/"))
(cons "/*/.txt" (cons "/" "*/.txt"))
(cons "c:/tmp/*/*.txt" (cons "c:/tmp/" "*/*.txt"))
(cons "c:/tmp/*.txt" nil)
(cons "c:/tmp/*/" (cons "c:/tmp/" "*/"))
(cons "c:/*/*.txt" (cons "c:/" "*/*.txt")))))
(dolist (path-res alist)
(cdr path-res)
(insert-directory-wildcard-in-dir-p (car path-res)))))))
(provide 'files-tests)
;;; files-tests.el ends here
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