Commit 056515d8 authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer

Make GDB not handle SIGINT.

parent f8bd51c4
# Set up a mask to use.
# Force loading of symbols, enough to give us gdb_valbits etc.
set main
# Find lwlib source files too.
dir ../lwlib
# Don't enter GDB when user types C-g to quit.
# This has one unfortunate effect: you can't type C-c
# at the GDB to stop Emacs, when using X.
# However, C-z works just as well in that case.
handle 2 noprint pass
# Set up a mask to use.
# This should be EMACS_INT, but in some cases that is a macro.
# long ought to work in all cases right now.
set $valmask = ((long)1 << gdb_valbits) - 1
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